Sunday, November 21, 2010

Under-the-sea World

After visiting the Cape No.7 filming location, Koggy went straight to see the museum of marine biology & aquarium nearby. It was pretty big and they do have lots of interesting looking friends we haven't seen before.

First, we said hi to our friends from "Finding Nemo"

Next, we went to see this mother and baby swimming around in the big tank

We also met this new yellow friends who swim funny.

And of course we had to see the "Happy Feet" crews

Then, we went out to get some sun coz it was a bit cold around the penguin's habitat.

Last but not least, we visited the souvenir shops

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Clouds No. 7

Have any of you seen the movie "Cape No. 7?"
This movie was filmed in Kending (South part of Taiwan). Koggy was lucky enough to go visit 1 of the filming site and it is B-E-A-U tiful!

Look at the combination of clean sand, sea, and mountain with a nice clear blue sky and (last but definitely not least) cottoncandy-like-clouds! Piggy really wished she could fly so she could eat all the deliciously-looking-clouds up there.
Unfortunately, it's not a beach where one can lay down and soak up the sun. There was literally no one there, and it is NOT a public beach. But you can take as many pics as you want there for free and for as long as you want ;)
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Going down South

When going down South, we passed by lots of pretty bridges just like this one.

You'll know you've arrived down South when you see lots of these nuts vendor on the side of the road.

What's so special about these nuts? Well first of, it's XXS' favorite nuts! and secondly of course its unique shape! Moreover, the taste and texture is kinda like chestnut. If you're nowhere close to South of Taiwan, right about now you can find it in lots of places in Taipei (including several night markets).
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Bao An Station

Bao An Station is 1 of the older train station further down South.

There's a custom that started a few years ago, where the locals would come here and buy some train tickets to give to their friends and relatives as a souvenir or good wish.
The tickets apparently haven't changed since then. So, here's a picture of ours (front and back).

Can you read it?
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Neiwan Station's Hidden Treasure

Another post that is long overdue is a review of this super delicious hidden treasure a bit further down south from Taoyuan.
It's conveniently located near the TRA Neiwan station.
price: $ (under NT$100 per plate)

Can you guess the what these are?

If you guessed mochi then you got it right!
The first dish was milk mochi in a cold sweet ginger soup with peanut, and the second one is milk mochi with crushed peanut. This milk mochi is NOT like other regular mochi. They're super soft and easily sliced by using your chopsticks. The taste is of course unique and delicious!

The big ball of mochi on the small plate is mochicake (with cake + cream inside). We actually only ordered the mochi ball cake + mochi with crushed peanut but the ladyboss saw us (tourists) getting confused of what to order she threw us one of her favorites for free ;)

So whenever you stop by Neiwan station, don't forget to visit her and her delicious milk mochi.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Huashan Living Arts Festival

This Halloween weekend Koggy decided to do something different because we weren't sure what the locals usually do here during Halloween. But we once we heard about a fun & free festival here in Taipei we knew we shouldn't miss it.

Event: Huashan Living Arts Festival
Location: Huashan creative park (Zhongxiao xinsheng Exit 1, keep walking straight for less than 5 minutes)
Admission: free

It was true. We had lots of fun!!!
We shall speak no more coz pictures worth a thousand words.

Looking through the telescope

Playing with the sea creatures

Watching kids doodling on the glass & mirror

Being kids doodling on the glass & mirror

Saw a shooting star and watch the sky

Saw a ghost while looking at the pretty sky

How was your Halloween weekend?

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Do(nut) eats before midnight!!!

First of, Koggy is terribly sorry for being MIA for so long on such short notice. We'll tell you our story of the "series of unfortunate events" another time, but in short Koggyland has been relocated to a better (but not bigger) location. So, we'll also do an update on Koggyland once everything is sorted out.

But anyway, today is actually a nice day with blue sky and white clouds and a wee bit of rain, after a whole week of non stop rain + wind (with typhoon alert). So Koggy went out for a bit and came back with a box of goodies from "Mister Donuts".

Just 5 mins ago, Piggy was so tempted to try these circle goodness so she jumped right into temptation and ate 1 ... and shared a bite with Koala. Both guilty as charged, dove into more carbs fest at about an hour before midnight.

Let's hope that this would be a good start for a brand new NON-rainy week!

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